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De Spijker is an accessible and informal café with affordable and honest meals made from fresh ingredients. For only € 9.50 you can enjoy or a fresh lunch including a drink, more has a three courses for only € 17.50, with a wide choice between meat, fish and vegetarian dishes. Moreover, De Spijker has a cozy step function and the snack bar is suitable for both large and small groups. Have you become curious? Everyone is welcome 7 days a week from 11 a.m.



  • Steve Conley AvatarSteve Conley

    On a busy Saturday the staff was happy to get us a table after 15 minutes. Although the menu was fairly limited, the food was great. The steak pictured had only a minor pulse when it arrived to the table but it was delicious nonetheless. - 21-11-2019 

  • Mihaela - Petronela Gafitescu AvatarMihaela - Petronela Gafitescu

    Lovely place with terrace and a cozy atmosphere. Good food. A nice touch are the bookshelves that separate the 2 rooms - you can find old enciclopedias from the entire country. - 09-12-2018 

  • Louise Russell AvatarLouise Russell

    If they still have the chicken wing starter with the glaze and sesame seeds... BUY THIS and enjoy!! I don't normally like chicken skin... Or wings... And these just blew me away! - 11-08-2019 

  • minthav Avatarminthav

    5 star rating Voordelig en lekker Aangemoedigd door gunstig oordeel en redelijke prijs het van buiten wat donker ogende eetcafé bezocht. Binnen erg gezellig en behoorlijk vol, zeker voor een doordeweekse avond. Niet gereserveerd, gelukkig toch nog een plekje voor drie. Voor €17,50 mag je zelf 3 gangen kiezen. Echt heerlijk gegeten, ... verder lezen - 12-03-2019 

  • Chris Campfens AvatarChris Campfens

    Great value for money. I had the carpaccio and steak. Would go again. - 06-02-2019 

  • Elena Lazarova AvatarElena Lazarova

    Great place to eat or have a beer. It's casual, warm, staff are friendly, they have good selection of beers and good food deals. Food was delicious, fresh, and reasonably priced. - 16-03-2019 

  • Liudmila Dobriakova AvatarLiudmila Dobriakova

    I didn't expect to eat so good here. Everything were just perfect!!! Excellent food & service. If I ever come back in Eindhoven, I'll come back to eat at that place! - 09-05-2019 

  • LynnV503 AvatarLynnV503

    5 star rating Lekker en genoeg voor weinig geld Lekker gegeten, voor de prijs van 17,50€ een 3 gangen menu met als voorgerecht rundscarpaccio, als hoofdgerecht pasta al aglio met scampi en als dessert baileysmousse met ijs. Hier kom ik zeker nog eens terug ! - 18-08-2019 

  • Max Martens AvatarMax Martens

    Nice, cheap three course meal. Great for a nice bite out before going to a bar. - 23-03-2019 

3 courses for 17,50

On Friday and Saturday there is a 2.- surcharge


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We are open 7 days a week.
Monday to Thursday from 11 a.m. to 2 a.m.
Friday to Saturday from 11 AM to 4 AM
Sunday from 11 am to 2 am

Stratumseind 15-21 | Eindhoven

Tel: +31 40 296 3689
Whatsapp: +31 40 296 3689